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Napoleon Hill quote: The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Our Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) journey began in 2012. Over the years, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and ideas from a variety of sources, which we think you will find insightful.

There is so much more we can learn from other people’s experiences and know-how. Therefore, to help you expand your financial knowledge beyond WowPursuits, we have listed our top recommendations here.

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Financial Blogs

Early Retirement Extreme: Often referred to as the grandfather of early retirement blogs, Jacob Lund Fisker started his blog and the Early Retirement Extreme (ERE) movement in 2007. ERE is somewhat similar to Lean FIRE as it advocates financial independence through significantly living below one’s means.

By embracing self-sufficiency, simple living and financial prudence, Fisker, who has a PhD in theoretical physics, was able to reduce his annual expenses to just $7,000 and achieve financial independence at age 30. Although ERE is not for us, we have learnt a lot from Fisker who takes frugality to a whole new level.

Financial Samurai: Sam Dogen started Financial Samurai in the middle of the Great Financial Crisis in 2009. Prior to that, he was in investment banking for 13 years. He is considered one of the modern-day pioneers of the FIRE movement. He writes really well and is candid about his own personal journey to financial freedom.

Financial Samurai is a treasure trove of knowledge, delivered in a light-hearted and easily digestible way. Dogen also comes across as a very genuine and down-to-earth guy, which is why we enjoy reading his articles so much.

Mr Money Moustache: Peter Jonathan Adeney, aka Mr Money Moustache (or MMM) is perhaps the most recognisable FIRE blogger on the face of the earth. MMM started in 2011 and since then has been featured and cited in many media outlets such as CNN Money, Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, CBS News, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many more.

MMM has flamed the FIRE movement far and wide and was in fact the very first FIRE blog that Mrs Wow came across. Although he doesn’t write as often now, his blog contains a wealth of knowledge which you will most certainly find useful.

Financial Horse: We have to say that Financial Horse does truly live up to his reputation of having a knack to demystify complex financial investments in plain English. He is consistently ranked among Singapore’s top finance and investment bloggers and has been our go-to for yet another valuable perspective into the world of investing.

Turtle Investor: Meet Kevin, a Singapore-based personal finance blogger who has been passionately documenting his FIRE journey since 2012. He started his blog when his net worth languished at negative $25,755. His desire to turn things around has led him to build passive income from investments and side hustles that pay for his daily expenses and vacations. What an inspiration!

My Sweet Retirement: A working professional from Singapore, the creator of My Sweet Retirement believes that an early and comfortable retirement can be achieved through value investing and passive income from stocks that pay stable and consistent dividends. The blog chronicles his journey towards achieving his financial goals, covering a range of topics from stock analysis to book reviews.

REIT-TIREMENT: If you are looking for a personal finance blog that specialises in Singapore REITs (S-REITs), look no further. You have found it! Vince started blogging since 2019 and we have to say that his knowledge of S-REITs is indeed very extensive.

TheFinance.sg: Founded by Derek in 2007, TheFinance.sg is a one-stop portal to financial blogs in Singapore. It’s a great place to widen your scope of knowledge — a gateway to useful information that covers topics on business, side hustles, insurance, property investing, stock investing, cryptocurrencies and much more.

Financial YouTubers

Patrick Boyle: Patrick E. Boyle is an Irish finance YouTuber who is known for his educational videos on everything finance. He is a visiting professor of finance at King’s Business School and is a founding partner at Palomar Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund. Boyle began his finance career in 1997 and has worked with Victor Niederhoffer, a former partner of George Soros’ and has been a portfolio manager at RBS, Millennium and Nomura.

Boyle’s channel explains the latest on-goings in the financial markets without hype. You will also find some longer form documentaries that cover the history of the financial markets. In addition, his channel is not affiliated to any financial institution so you can be sure his opinions are genuine.

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