Why I Didn’t Want to Start a Blog but Changed My Mind

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The virtual world is a treacherous place. Cyber criminals lurk online, waiting to find an easy prey. Fake news and hate speech sow discord and create mistrust. Cyberbullying is a social epidemic. I don’t really like this world. Why then did I start a blog?  

Blogging allows me to unleash my creativity and express myself. I can record my thoughts, interests and experiences and share them with the world. 

Yet another year is coming to a close. A decade or two from now, I believe I will think nostalgically of 2022 as the year Mr Wow and I started WowPursuits. It has been exactly two months since we launched this blog. SO FAR SO FUN!  

To tell the truth, I sat on this project for a long time as I had a lot of reservations about blogging. Now that I have finally done it, I can only hope that it was a good decision and that this blog will serve its true purpose to intrigue, to inform, to inspire.

You can sum up my reservations in one word: FEAR. What exactly was I afraid of and what changed my mind?

  1. My Initial Reservations About Blogging
  2. What Changed My Mind?

1. My Initial Reservations About Blogging

Self-promotion Just Ain’t My Thing

The idea of starting a blog is actually quite appealing to me. I can share my thoughts, interests and experiences with the world. Then again, I happen to value my privacy a great deal and everyone knows that there’s no such thing as complete privacy on the Internet.

Today’s culture of online self-expression is largely about gaining exposure, recognition and approval. To succeed as a blogger, it seems that I have to actively put myself out there for public attention and scrutiny. This, I can’t do. It’s just not in my DNA. I’m not interested in personal branding and my private life is not for public consumption. I don’t even go on social media, for crying out loud! 

Although not everyone is out to get attention, there’s just too much bad taste, shameless self-promotion and misrepresentation on social media. No offence. That’s why Mr Wow and I decided to write under pseudonyms. We want to keep it real, paradoxical as it may sound. Knowledge, not us, will be the focus here.

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I Lack Political Correctness

I have Asperger’s syndrome, or more specifically a mild form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you’ve read my post (I Have Asperger’s Syndrome. Don’t Hate me.), you will know that I’m a hopelessly tactless person who often says the wrong thing. 

Asking me to be politically correct is a pretty tall order. I don’t mince my words and I’m not very good at using euphemism (meaning: a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing). It’s perfectly fine to call me a shortie. I won’t be offended and I won’t think you’re a nicer person just because you say I’m vertically challenged. Likewise, if I think you’re lazy, I will say it like it ought to be said. I won’t try to soften the blow by telling you that you’re laid-back.

Asking me to be politically correct is a pretty tall order. I don’t mince my words and I’m not very good at using euphemism.

Blogging is thus a risky business for someone like me. Given how quickly people react to words these days, my lack of tact and poor mastery of soft language might get me into serious trouble. It’s like what stand-up comedian Jo Koy said in ‘Comin’ in Hot’. (Highly recommended! This guy is seriously funny!) Everyone is so f***ing sensitive these days that stand-up comedy seems like the only platform where people can be politically incorrect. 

So the last thing I want is a public backlash due to one poor choice of word. To be frank, I don’t know why some Internet users think they have the right to trash and spew venom on someone online. Is it really so fun to eviscerate a fellow human being? Cyberbullying is not cool, doesn’t matter whether you think that person deserves it or not. Before we judge someone, we should walk a mile in his or her shoes. Nobody is perfect, so let’s be kind and civil to each other, shall we? 

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I Have a Knack for Making Something Fun Painful

Blogging is a very time-consuming and mentally exhausting activity. The thinking… the writing… the editing… etc… will obviously take away time for other recreation. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such a commitment, so I shelved the idea for about a year. 

Given my obsessive nature, I was also afraid that I would end up writing compulsively. What if I turn an enjoyable hobby into a demanding full-time job? That would effectively kill the fun for myself and Mr Wow. Would I be able to keep the slave driver in me in check? There were just too many things to mull over.  

2. What Changed My Mind?

But after talking about it on and off for one year, Mr Wow and I decided to give it a shot because the reasons were just too compelling. 

First, the idea of blogging about money and entrepreneurship interests us greatly. We wholeheartedly want to help others to become more financially savvy and achieve FIRE. Doing so not only gives us joy and fulfilment, but also serves as a constant reminder that we should be grateful for what we have. 

Second, I have a lot of creative energy and my brain is constantly generating ideas. You can say that I like to create, whether it’s wealth, dishes in the kitchen or content for this blog. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when I turn my ideas into something useful and worthwhile. Blogging helps to keep the creative spark in me alight.

Image of a person standing in front of a waterfall. Quote: Get the creativity flowing.

Third, I want to use this platform to raise awareness of certain issues that are close to my heart. It’s my humble attempt to make this world a better place. Hopefully. All of us have a responsibility for what we put out into the world and I promise not to take this responsibility lightly. If I happen to say something wrong or inappropriate, please give me a chance to correct and improve myself.

All of us have a responsibility for what we put out into the world.

Fourth, this blog is my way to stay connected with the world and people in general. I’m anti-social by nature and I’m lousy at maintaining friendships. Frankly, I’m very happy in my own world. Nevertheless, I know people are vital to my personal development, so I shouldn’t isolate myself from the world too much. I definitely do not want to be a total recluse and become irrelevant. 

I think blogging will do me some good because it feels like I’m having a conversation with someone. Each time I post an article, I’m also reaching out to people by sharing information. Maybe some of you will use this information to reach back to me. I welcome any feedback you may have. Some words of encouragement would be nice too. 

Image of typewriter, notepad, etc. on a wooden table. Quote: Let's connect.

Fifth, blogging makes perfect sense. I don’t mean to praise our genius, but Mr Wow and I will totally be in our element. We have the right skillset: (1) we both can write pretty well, (2) I have a plethora of ideas, and (3) Mr Wow is a techie (I know jack-shit about technology). 

I don’t mean to praise our genius, but Mr Wow and I will totally be in our element.

The both of us have always worked well as a team. We complement yet challenge each other, and together we are a formidable force. Yes, we will argue (that’s for sure), but we will also laugh a hell lot. A couple should grow together and working on this project will most certainly enhance and spice up our relationship.

C.S. Lewis once said, ‘You never know what you can do until you try, and very few try unless they have to.’ That’s so true. To experience personal growth, we must be brave to take chances and do the things we know we are meant to do in this lifetime. Right now, that thing is blogging for Mr Wow and me. It’s been a fun journey thus far and I hope it stays this way. 

Black and white picture of a person jumping into the air on a beach. Quote: Don't be afraid to try new things.

To our readers, thank you for your support. Happy New Year and best wishes for your next adventure! 


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Mrs Wow (aka Lynn) became debt-free in 2018, achieved financial independence in 2019, and retired in 2020 at the age of 42. She believes in staying invested even if there’s a level-5 shit storm. A homebody, she spends her free time reading, blogging and listening to music. Follow her on 𝕏 (@wowpursuits).

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